Your name is HAVARI LEIJON, but history knows you only as THE DISCIPLE. At the age of 11 SWEEPS, you were forced to watch as your ONE TRUE LOVE, who history remembers as the SIGNLESS or the SUFFERER, was EXECUTED BEFORE YOUR EYES. In what you feel was an EVEN GREATER CRUELTY, the highbloods SPARED YOUR LIFE.
You spent it hiding in a cave, WRITING THE STORY OF THE SUFFERER. After that task was done, you SET OUT TO AVENGE YOUR BELOVED. You broke into the GRAND HIGHBLOOD'S CASTLE and attempted to slay him. However, you DID NOT SUCCEED, and were KILLED by the highblood's guards.
It has been NEARLY 600 SWEEPS since you died, but now some force has RETURNED YOU TO LIFE. ((This is an independent Male!Disciple roleplay blog. None of the art I use is mine. Any NSFW will be tagged or under read mores.))

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leiden and equius? i am guessing they are friends what happen to them :3

:33 < leiden is the troll for whom i had a love unique among all trollkind

:33 < equius is the troll she left me for

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